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This site is recently evolving into a real type foundry. A variety of standardized, elaborated licensing models are not offered yet. Right now the only commercial license on offer is the Early Bird License. See the shop page for details. Contact us for the discounted Education License. Feel free to download the available trial fonts and contact us for more licensing information. Please don't steal. Please don't use without permission.

End User License Agreement

Early Bird

This license includes a web and a print license. Also included is a warranty of necessary corrections and character additions within the Mac OS Roman character range for 6 month after purchase.


This license allows using the respective fonts (WOFF and WOFF2 files) on one web domain with the @font-face CSS method. There’s no limit to the amount of web traffic, but if you want to use the fonts on another domain you’ll have to buy another separate web license.

Desktop / Print

With this license you can install the fonts on all of your devices and use them to create printed and digital documents, objects, merchandise, signage, and similar things for one brand/company.


For other use cases, such as video, social media, logo, app, etc. and for licensing fonts for companies, please get in touch via email.