Forever in progress.

A prelude, a worksite, half cooked type from the drawers. At EPI (formerly know as Space Type Lab) we introduce incomplete typefaces to the world. Their drawing might have originated through our own typographical endeavours and their level of development may vary. One day they may grow up and be offered through a proper type foundry or not, but so far you can check them out here. If you are interested in using them and / or if you are missing anything like characters, alphabets, alterations or a whole new typeface please get in touch with us. We always welcome a good occasion to improve and extend our typefaces.


This site is recently evolving into a real type foundry. A variety of standardized, elaborated licensing models are not offered yet. Right now the only commercial license on offer is the Early Bird License. See the shop page for details. Contact us for the discounted Education License. Feel free to download the available trial fonts and contact us for more licensing information. Please don't steal. Please don't use without permission.

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