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Bach Thin

Bach Grotesk is a contemporary reinterpretation of early 20th century grotesque typefaces. It is an exploration of vitality, elegance, formality, and relatability. Neither too rigid nor too playful, it strikes a balance between distinction and discretion.

Rault, David. Roger Excoffon, le gentleman de la typographie, bilingual French-English publication, Perrousseaux Editeur, Meolans Revel, 2011, ISBN 978-2-911220-39-5.
The notion of the “type family” is so central to typography that it's easy to forget how recent an invention it is. Throughout most of its history, typography simply evolved the forms that were the most useful and the most interesting, generally with indifference toward how they related to one another. Italic faces existed for decades before they were considered as companions for romans, just as poster types shouted in a range of emphatic tones before they were reimagined as “bold” or “condensed” cousins. The notion that a type family should be planned from the outset is a Modernist concoction, and it's one that type designers have lived with for less than a century … For more than a century before Helvetica, the sans serif landscape was dominated by unrelated designs.